BeeSalve Skin-care education

"Animal Care"

Based on the orginal BeeSalve we have developed an ointment for dogs`and cats`paws.
It has a slight different composition and is especially good for paws, insect bites and other skin problems.


BeeSalve is a natural product from the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea and has been used since the 18th  century as a universal remedy by local doctors against most skin diseases.
During the 20th  century until 1970 the law prohibited the production and selling of this type of products in Sweden. In those days BeeSalve was used only by people who knew the amazing effects of this product as a help for both minor and severe skin problems.
In 1972 the production started in a much larger scale and it was marketed through mail-order with good selling-results. We sent out a questionaire to everyone who bought the product and it showed that as many as 85 % of these consumers were satisfied with BeeSalve and its results.
The Swedish Psoriasis Organization was also interested in the product as BeeSalve proved to be a help to some of their members too. They were the ones who gave the salve its name.
Gradually health shops started to make inquiries as they wanted to sell the product too and soon the
wholesellers of health products contacted us and the rest is history. So since 1972 more than 1 million
units of BeeSalve have been produced.
During the years many tests of BeeSalve have been undertaken, among others by the famous professor of Medicne Olov Lindahl,  who has carried out a double blind test. The results were published in “Biological Medicine”.
BeeSalve has been exported in a large scale to the all nordic countries but also to Germany,  the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.
In Germany substantial tests have been carried out which you can read about on next page.

Natural products only

  Spruce resin.  One of the main ingredients of BeeSalve is spruce resin. From Carl von Linné we know that already in th 17th century spruce resin was used for effective healing of wounds.
Spruce resin is an ingredient that is time consuming and costly to get and it is also important that the resin has the right quality. The amount of resin to be found from a single tree varies from 20 grams up to half a kilo. The harvesting itself is both sticky and tough.
When we receive the resin it passes a cleaning process in order to suit our needs. Even if spruce resin is one of the main components,  BeeSalve also contains serveral other products from the nature.
Propolis.  Bees collect resin from from the buds of the spruce which they chew. At that time different enzymes will be added and this is the way propolis is created. The bees applies a thin layer of propolis around and inside the bee-hive and across the walls of the honeycomb. The bees also uses propolis to stop cracks in the hive and to secure that the entrance to the hive is of suitable size.
Propolis is the natural “antibiotikum” of the bees which helps the bees not to get sick. For thousands of years propolis has been used in many cultures as a virus- and germkilling  remedy to heal wounds, neutralize colds and aleviate inflammations and infections.
Beeswax. Through little glands on the downside of their body the bees produces scales of vax which the bees uses to make cakes of wax. In these they keep honey and pollen and breed their larvae. The old Egyptians used beeswax which they regarded to have a life-substance.
Today we know that beeswax make callosities softer and have an effect not to close the pores. This gives irritated skin “rest”.
Olive oil. Olive oil is one of the oldest vegetable oils. This oil makes the skin soft, protects and nourishes the skin, soothe irritation and takes away callosities and hard skin. It is also especially good for dry skin.
Evening primerose oil. It has since long been used in conjunction with the treatment of  dry skin and various types of exzema. It ties up humidity and has a proven effect to stop itching. The oil also adds important products to the skin like the essential fatty acids GLA.
Coconut butter. Coconut butter come from the flesh of the coconut  when it has been dried to copra.
Coconut butter contains fosfor, sterols, tokoferols, kvalen and free fatty acids. Coconut butter smothes the skin and and also gives it a litte extra cosmetic pearly lustre.
Vaseline.  Has been pharmaceutically used since the beginning of th 19th century. You get vaseline by destilling mountain oil. It works mainly as a neutral and preserving substance in lotions and ointments. It is also used to clean wounds.

Exciting and interesting studies of BeeSalve

  Professor Olov Lindahl together with Doctor of Medicine Lars Lindwall executed a double blind test with 28 persons suffering from various skin problems stated by doctors: “ In a randomized double blind test with crossover with BeeSalve a significant effect was established compared with the persons who were given controll-salve without spruce resin”.
Nature healer Gerhard Leibold, Karlsruhe executed a very extensive test for the German chain of reform houses Neuform. The following skin diseases were investigated: acne, warts, burns and psoriasis. In all tests, which were done during a 6 months period and consist of a total of 300 pages, a considerable recovery was established in more than 65 % of  all cases.
Nature therapist Birgitta Klemo made a substantial study with 21 young people suffering from acne with the following results:

  14     experienced a considerable improvment
    5                      an improvment
    1                      an unchanged situation
    1                      a deterioration

Nurse Berit Karlsson at the Swedish regiment I 21 in Karlstad has been testing BeeSalve during a
long time period on soldiers suffering from chafed feet, athlete´s foot, ekzema, sores around the lips, and cracks. Nurse Berit executed systematical tests with BeeSalve and made careful notes of all the reactions. She says: “I am really surprised by the good results. BeeSalve really keeps the promises made. I have lots of proofs of that in my material”.
Foot therapist Gro Berntsen, Spånga says – BeeSalve might be a little bit dangerous for us the therapists due to the fact that it is so good so we might loose some customers.  I will however recommend BeeSalve from the bottom of my hart. It is good for all kinds of foot care like cracks in the heels, dry feet, warts, athlete´s foot but also for cold feet. The fact is that it`s likewise good for your hands too.

One million satisfied customers can´t be wrong.
BeeSalve with a satisfied customer guarantee.